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                             About Packway

PACKWAY is a professional manufacturer of automatic packaging machines in Taiwan. Founded in 1979, PACKWAY always insists on the management philosophy, “Dedicated PACKWAY, Refined & Innovative”. Over the past 40 years, PACKWAY has been dedicated to packaging design, manufacturing, marketing, and OEM. Emphasizing “Made in Taiwan: Quality Assurance”, PACKWAY provides the best solution for different industry fields, successfully gaining their trusts and supports.

PACKWAY has always focused on product R&D, quality, and safety standard upgrade, and PACKWAY has also obtained many patents locally and internationally. Our automatic packaging systems are widely applied among different industry fields, including case erecting, loading, packing, sealing, strapping, labeling, st acking, stretch wrapping, unscrambling, conveying, and unmanned systems etc. We are customers’ business partner to help increase efficient quality, and to decrease costs.

PACKWAY obtained CE certified (U.K.) in 1999, ISO 9001 certified in 2001, and Taiwan Excellence Award in 2007. This shows our strong insistence on product safety and quality. Our quality policy: Quality and service depends on the teamwork & Innovative products can explore the markets & Competitiveness is based on controlling the business how-how. Our quality objective: Decrease defectiveness rate & Increase customer satisfaction and turnover.

Facing price-slashing competition, PACKWAY reinforces product R&D and launches refined machines. We are also committed to promise “Dedicated PACKWAY” to all customers. Over the past 40 years, our sales have been steadily improving year by year. Our service for different industry fields is highly valued, helping PACKWAY obtain international presence. Facing this changing world, PACKWAY reinforces its own business system in order to compete in global markets. In 1999, we had already introduced the most innovative automatic packaging machines from Japan and Europe. This is how we help our customers create opportunities and advantages for competition in the new century.

While competing in global markets, PACKWAY also continues to cultivate its personnel’s specialties, to consolidate our team consensus and support, and to reinforce our corporate culture. In addition, we discard sectionalism and are ready for the prompt communication and coordination. As for working attitude, our personnel are enthusiastic, optimistic, aggressive, efficient, responsible, and willing to do and learn. We insist on providing our customers with the best products, carefully guarding every customer’s rights in order to achieve their expectation on the utmost product values.

In the future, to keep abreast of the developed countries, we will develop low-pollution packaging machines and materials to protect the environment from industrial pollution. Under the principle of ‘win-win situation’, in combination with our distributors’ guarantee in different areas, PACKWAY will be creating a three-way win for all our customers.

Warm regards, PACKWAY INC.

                                                                                 Quality semi-automatic strapping machine from Taiwan 



Quality semi-automatic strapping machine from Taiwan 

  •  Economic use 
  •  Bottom seal strapping machine
Power 1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz

Strap Width

9, 12, 15 (mm)

6mm upon request (please advice when ordering)

Strapping Tension Range

15 ~ 50 (kg)

33~110 (lb)

Strappping Speed

2 (sec/strap)
Min. Strapping Size

60 (mm) 

2.4 (in)

Max. Strapping Size Any size

Table Height

750 (mm) 

29.5 (in)

Machine Size


910 x 580 x 750 (mm)

35.8 x 22.8 x 29.5 (in)



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